O Mato

From the need for an exhibition space arose “MATO – Art Gallery,” located right next to sculptor Paulo Neves’ studio. Drawing inspiration from Neves’ own work, the organic design reflects his artistic style. The entire structure unfolds without straight surfaces, resembling the creation of a peculiar creature born on the site, blending with the surrounding vegetation. 

Despite its small interior area, the space hosts various temporary exhibitions featuring both national and international artists. 

The entire installation rests gently on specific points, almost levitating on the ground. The tubular metal structure, with an exterior of expanded polyurethane, was designed to isolate and waterproof the building like a shell. The wooden floor is made from trees removed from the site. Inside, the entire space is coated with plaster to provide a continuous surface while constantly curving to serve as a support for displayed artworks.


FCC Arquitectura


Autocad / Revit / Photoshop

Construction schedule:

Project – Dec. 2011 / Commencement of Works – May 2012 / Completion of Works – Jun 2012

Construction area:



Cucujães, Oliveira de Azeméis, Portugal


Expanded polyurethane / Metal / Wood / Plasterboard / Glass


General Contractor – Vieira Construções
Structure – Serralharia M. Peixoto & Aires
Plaster – Jonitecto
Exterior Coating – Revesnunes
Paint – Lacca