About Us

Fernando Coelho and Ana Loureiro founded the Architecture Studio in 2002, which later evolved into the current FCC Arquitectura, headquartered in Felgueiras.

Initially focused on developing projects for single-family homes, FCC turned its attention to religious projects for local clients. Being based in Felgueiras provided them with the opportunity to work on various projects in the industrial sector, a fundamental part of the local economy.

The studio’s scope of intervention has been expanding thematically, with the tourism sector standing out as the basis for several proposals.

The team’s growth is also reflected in terms of geographical expansion, undertaking projects from north to south of Portugal and making a presence on some of the country’s islands.

FCC remain faithful to its initial goal: effectively responding to what the client seeks, respecting the local context, and valuing the surroundings where the work is situated, realizing projects in line with the principles of the design team.