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Based on an ongoing dialogue between the client and the team developing the project, the process will evolve in a way that the final result – the completed work – satisfies all stakeholders and meets the expectations of the promoter. This process varies depending on the scope and complexity of the intervention but always unfolds in various phases.

Preliminary Study

The initial contacts are aimed at jointly defining what the intention will be and analyzing its feasibility. This is followed by the development of the preliminary concept of the project, based on concrete information about the site, the characteristics of the location, and the relevant applicable legislation.


Preparation of the formal process for approval by the Municipal Council and other entities whose opinion is binding for obtaining the construction license, and in the final stage of the process, the authorization for use.

Simultaneously with architecture, or subsequently, the legally required specialty projects will be presented.


Detailed development of the project, containing all the necessary information for the correct execution of the work, including the definition of materials, construction details, and a quantity survey. This phase of the project is an essential tool for obtaining accurate quotes from contractors bidding to carry out the work.

Work Monitoring

Phase of materializing the work that has been developed up to that point. Supervising the execution of the work allows the design team to actively contribute to ensuring that the physical result effectively corresponds to what was designed, as well as facilitating the clarification of any doubts with the client and providing guidance in possible unforeseen situations.