Monverde Wine Experience Hotel

The project aimed at adapting the space where the company “Quinta da Lixa” carries out its wine production, by adding the development of tourist activities through the construction of a Rural Hotel, primarily focused on wine tourism.

The intervention focused on enhancing the context in which the intention is embedded, enriching it with a quality tourist space, properly integrated and framed.

The main idea was to make the cultivated vineyard and the produced wine the “business card” of the enterprise, promoting direct contact with the cultural and landscape heritage of wine production at Quinta da Lixa.

The program includes, in addition to accommodation (30 rooms) and catering services, a winery open to guided tours, a spa, indoor and outdoor pools, and tasting and conference rooms.

The existing construction area in the pre-existing buildings on the property was insufficient for the development of what is considered the ideal program for this investment. Therefore, a project was developed for the recovery and expansion of the buildings, taking advantage of the existing structures as guiding principles for the process.

The buildings, with the exception of the Main House, which had an essentially rural character, were in a state of abandonment and quite degraded.

The formal, functional rehabilitation, and expansion project aimed at preserving the architectural heritage, enhancing natural elements, and respecting the cultural legacy of the context. The goal was to revitalize the ensemble while conserving its identity. To achieve this, the project fostered a dialogue between contemporary and sophisticated architecture and the rural surroundings of the vineyard.

The project aspires to go beyond providing excellent accommodation and dining conditions; it aims to offer a unique experience to users by providing experiences and sensations only possible in the entirety of this space and its surroundings, where each element gains significance as part of a whole with exclusive characteristics.

Visitors are encouraged to enjoy the entire space, and for this purpose, pedestrian paths have been designed throughout the property, connecting various buildings. The close visual connection between the interior spaces and the surroundings enhances an intimate atmosphere where rurality is always present.


FCC Arquitectura


Quinta da Lixa

Constructed area:


Land area:

30 Hectares


FCC Arquitectura


Paulo Lobo


Telões, Amarante, Portugal



Photographic Credits:

Fernando Guerra – FG+SG


Slate extracted from the site
Granite from the region
Thermally modified pine (exterior)
American ash wood (interior)
Corten steel
Green roofs


General Contractor – MC Meireles
Window Frames – Jofebar
Woodwork – José Nuno Carpintaria
Electrical Work – Costa Alves Electricidade
HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) – Pritérmica


Project Start – May 2008
Commencement of Works – July 2012
Completion of Works – June 2015