Casa Óbidos

The development of the project had as its starting point a set of existing buildings, whose interiors were in an advanced state of decay, some even in ruins. The constructions were connected to form a residence.

The project aimed to change the exterior appearance of the constructions as little as possible (preserving and restoring the exterior walls), remodeling the interiors according to the requirements of a contemporary residence. The intention was to revitalize without losing the character, requalifying the spaces that were ‘dead’ and articulating them with new spaces.

Dialogue was promoted between the old and the new, acknowledging the differences between them and preserving and enhancing the identity of the existing construction.

The entrance to the property is made from its southern end. The existing walls and tile-less roofs were maintained here, functioning as a pergola over the parking area.

To the north, the house unfolds. Two existing volumes are connected through a space built in metal and glass, which serves as the entrance and distribution area.

A volume is created for the private areas of the house (five suites). This volume is partially underground, opening to the west, where magnificent views towards the Óbidos Lagoon can be enjoyed. The green roof can serve as an extension of the outdoor leisure area, accessed by spiral stairs that connect to the pool surroundings.

The green roof, besides contributing to the energy sustainability of the house, reduces the impact of the built volume, visually resembling a garden.

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Óbidos, Portugal

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Fernando Guerra | FG + SG |


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Responsible Architects: Fernando Coelho, Ana Loureiro
Project Team: Fernando Coelho, Ana Loureiro, Sérgio Silva, Luís Vieira
Clients: Simétrica Diferença S.A.
Engineering: Génie – Engenharia e Construção Lda, IDES Lda